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5 Habits of High-Capacity Leaders

I would like to share some thoughts from an article I read this week in Influence magazine about High Capacity Leaders (written by Patrick Grach).

We’ve all heard principles like this before but it’s great to remind ourselves every now and then.

1. High-capacity leaders value time.
High-capacity leaders value their time and the time of others. They show up early and ready. They plan ahead rather than hoping the details fall into place.

2. High-capacity leaders are ready to learn.
High-capacity leaders are humble enough to realize they will never truly arrive. Great leaders are great students. They come ready to learn how to grow in life and leadership.

3. High-capacity leaders ask better questions.
Better questions are open-ended, not closed, inviting the person responding to lean in to a wealth of experience and offer what he or she would rarely share.

4. High-capacity leaders are connectors.
High-capacity leaders are quick to ask one another questions and actually listen. They care, show empathy and offer support. They have an uncanny way of connecting with each other and helping the unconnected belong.

5. High-capacity leaders add value.
Rather than wanting to get something from you, high-capacity leaders add value. Like loving parents investing in their children, these leaders seem to overflow with generosity and goodwill.

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We’re praying for you this week!


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