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Brussels Christian Center Homecoming Anniversary 2019

This year, 2019, marks over 40th years of presence and ministry of BCC in the capital of Europe, and 30 years in our present church building facilities.

It was our joy to organize a special anniversary weekend and welcome a significant number of people who have been part of this journey of faith as a church, including former pastors, missionaries, members and friends, coming back from the USA and other countries of Europe.

Our theme was, “Honoring our Legacy and Embracing our Future.”

Our Friday night service featured testimonies from different key people whom God used in different capacities, such as Dave Demron (architect of our building), Gerald and Madeline Branum (coordinator for the building project, who served for many years in different ministry/leadership capacities), and Ps Terry Hoggard who served as senior pastor from 1995 to 2005.

On Saturday night, a homecoming banquet was held in Waterloo, during which former pastors’ wives and church members shared personal memories of their time of service at BCC, followed by an inspiring message given by Ps Richard Dunn, former senior pastor from 2005-2007
and 2009-2015. A fund-raising campaign was launched in view of a building renovation project.

On Sunday morning, our current senior pastor, Daniel Costanza, led a time of recognition for these former pastors and other long time faithful members of the church. The local deputy mayor was also in attendance. In a special atmosphere of joy, our church choir sang, “We are reminded of God’s faithfulness”, which prepared the hearts for the message delivered by Ps Lowell Harrup, who served as senior pastor from 1979 to 1989.

This special anniversary was concluded by a garden party which allowed for a time of fellowship with the many participants.

While this anniversary reconnected us with our spiritual roots, it was also an opportunity to embrace our future with faith and expectation. To God be all the glory!

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