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Don’t Forget that the Small Things Lead to BIG Things!

Just a quick reminder that our FEIC Relational Retreat is coming up May 22nd – 25th in Barcelona, Spain! All the information is below and the registration deadline with the hotel is May 1st so please take a moment to register.

I want to share part of a conversation with you this week that I had with a wonderful team of university students who came on a missions trip to Vienna to help us with refugees.

We talked a lot about the processes in life. You know, those things we have to do that seem so small and routine yet the processes make us who we are. Here are a few examples from Tim Elmore that we shared with them:

Don’t lose sight of the fact that “small” leads to “big.”
The phrase young people are tired of hearing is: “Pay your dues.” In reality, that’s how most people reach their goals. You do small, unnoticed tasks that end up leading to the bigger more significant projects. Doing the work that no one wants to do prepares you for the opportunities everyone wants to do!

Don’t exchange development for delight.
The most important transaction for any leader is growth. Not money, not recognition, not comfortable settings. Never trade in your personal development for an easier job or a familiar task. You become more valuable as you grow.

In 2012, a British man bought a sketch at a garage sale for 5 EUR. He later discovered it was an early drawing by Andy Warhol that was worth 2 million EUR. Life is all about development.

Don’t forget that criticism comes along with all the accolades.
Criticism is part of the territory of leadership. At first when we see leaders on the stage we assume it’s all about popularity and influence. Unfortunately, along with the applause comes the criticism.

Don’t lose sight that private disciplines are the path to public recognition.

If we are willing to serve in the shadows, it generally offers us a platform for influence. We should stop all worrying about who’s following us on social media and focus on who we’re serving in real life. What we do in private eventually becomes known in public.

We pray you have a powerful weekend of ministry!!


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