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Eight Breakthrough Findings To Help Your International Church Grow

As international church pastors and leaders in Europe, we know that our churches are atypical.

Among other distinguishing qualities, our congregations are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic

and often – multi-denotational.

So when a survey about church growth strategies in America pops up, we know that its findings may not relate to who we are and what we do.

And yet, we can often glean from such surveys, leaving what doesn’t apply while taking advantage of ideas that can help us.

The Hardy Group, a church marketing consulting firm in America, recently performed a church marketing strength assessment survey in which 2,014 churches participated. From the survey, The Hardy Group uncovered eight ‘specific breakthrough findings’ in terms of what growing churches ARE doing and what flat or declining churches ARE NOT doing.

Check this article out on The Hardy Group’s website to see if any of these eight findings related to church marketing could help – or hurt – your international church’s growth.

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