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Embrace the Chaos, Create the Change

Several years ago, Terry Hoggard introduced the theme “Embrace the Chaos, Create the Change” at our FEIC SUMMIT.

We were reminded that in IC ministry, it’s impossible to stop chaos so instead we learn to embrace challenges and create change.

We all understand that change is necessary but what we may not recognize is how change becomes exponential with each generation.

I recently read an article that documents some of these realities of change:

With each new generation, time becomes more valuable.
With each new generation, expectations of convenience and service rise.
With each new generation, the demand for work to have meaning intensifies.
With each new generation, the hunger for options grows.
With each new generation, the sense of entitlement increases.
With each new generation, the need for speed and space goes up.
With each new generation, the desire for customization expands.

We could all add to this list but it reminds us that while culture quickly changes around us, we must be proactive in our decisions to lead and embrace the opportunities that IC ministry brings in today’s European landscape.

I want to encourage you to assess where your church is and where you are going. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing and and what you must do to create the change.

We’re praying for you and your team this weekend!


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