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FEIC Value #1 – Supportive Relationships

This week my wife and I had the opportunity to spend time with members of the church who are moving back to their home country. They are the kind of people that are a gift to every pastor and we thank God for their support over the last few years they have been with us in Vienna.

These relationships run deep and remind us of the network of people that God has placed in our lives to help us.

We want to remind you that our first network value of FEIC is supportive relationships.

We all have our unique connections to our national church partners or missions covering but FEIC is first and foremost a relational network that links us together.

We want you to feel the commitment we have to one another and know that as we partner together to reach Europe you are not alone! We really are here for you

Will you take time this week to connect with someone in our FEIC family?

Andy Vince or someone on the relational team from each region have sent you an email last week just to remind you we want to be a part of your life and ministry. We encourage you to participate in the INSIDE FEIC FaceBook page – share prayer request, resources, invest in helping someone… let’s be intentional to stay connected and make relational investments in each others lives.

We’re praying you have a powerful weekend gathering!


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