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Dear FEIC Friends,

A few months ago we began to brainstorm about how we might use Facebook to better connect and encourage one another.

While we have a FEIC Facebook page, the challenge with that format is that it’s open to the public and not a place where we would want to share information, prayer requests or news with a broad audience.

We realized that we needed a different format for those inside the FEIC network.
That’s why we’ve created a secret Facebook page called, ‘Inside FEIC.’

With this secret group, membership is limited to FEIC network member pastors and other leaders affiliated with member churches.

We hope this group will be a place where FEIC members gather to encourage each other, share prayer requests and find news and information about the network.

In fact, to help facilitate discussions, we’ve asked Andy Vince, who pastors a member church in Leiden, The Netherlands, to help moderate the page and encourage all of us to participate by posting, sharing thoughts and getting involved. Andy has a real passion to do this and will motivate all of us to get the most out of this new FEIC communications tool.

If you have ideas about how we can better use this platform to foster communication, please let us know.

Meanwhile, to join the group, simply click here and request to be added.

Please join the group and come ‘Inside FEIC’.

Jeff Slaughter

Introducing Andy Vince … Our Connection and Encouragement Moderator
Dear Friends,

At the last FEIC Summit there was exhortation for us to connect, support and pray for one another more throughout the year. Inside FEIC is part of that greater connection.

Larry has asked me to serve as the ‘connection and encouragement moderator’ of the group. We’re recruiting a few others to join us so that we can try to have a representative from each of the regions within our network.

As these other moderators come on board, they will get in contact with you to encourage you to link up more regularly with other IC leaders in the network.

The idea is to share news, share ideas and encourage active prayer between us all and even for our congregations to be praying for others in the network.

I’m looking forward to serving you and seeing our network develop deeper relationships and more consistent communication through this new group.

Happy New Year, God bless you as you begin 2018.
Andy Vince, Leiden, The Netherlands

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