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We never cease to be amazed at the unique opportunities of ministry that God gives us as international churches!

It not only demonstrates God’s great love for people but that we are living in a liminal space in history where God’s Spirit is being outpoured for the purpose that all will be redeemed.

The question is whether we will recognize the importance of these days?

The Greeks have a statue to teach this principle… it’s called the Opportunity Statue.

The focal point is the long hair on the front of man’s head which signifies you can take hold of the opportunity as you approach it but the back of his head is bald signifying that when the opportunity passes their is nothing to grab.

Our prayer is that God will help us to distinguish which opportunities we should take hold of and which opportunities to let pass.

Terry Hoggard sent out an article last week regarding the opportunities that Brexit will give us as international churches.. If you have not read it, I encourage you to take a moment and read it by clicking here.

We always pray for you and your team each weekend but today our prayer is that the Holy Spirit of God will illuminate our hearts and minds to the Spirit-led opportunities that each of us can take hold of this week.

If you haven’t registered for the 2016 FEIC SUMMIT, please take a moment and do so right now. We look forward to seeing you in Bratislava!


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