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Our 2020 FEIC SUMMIT Registration is now OPEN!

Hello FEIC Family!

Our 2020 Virtual FEIC SUMMIT registration is officially open!

Please take a moment and watch this week’s SUMMIT video here as we share all the details you need to know.

So, here’s the schedule:

Tuesday – October 13, 2020
19:00 (CET) Evening Session with Rod Loy

Wednesday – October 14, 2020
10:00 (CET) Ladies Tea

14:00 (CET) Breakout Session 1
– Navigating Health in a Season of Uncertainty – with Cara Tyler
– Compassion Pastor – with Ariel Rainey
– Family Matters – with Pat and Brenda Mahar

15:30 (CET) Breakout Session 2
– Technology in Transitions – with Jason Brown
– Kids Ministry: How to Prepare When There Is No Plan – with Kay Farmer
– Leadership in Times of Crisis – with Paul Traver

19:00 (CET) Evening Session with John and Brandi Carrano

Note: zoom links to these sessions are posted on our Inside FEIC private Facebook group and in the weekly Flashnotes.

We’re praying for you and your team this week!

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