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The Value of Trust

I read a practical quote on trust this week by author Marvin K. Mayers.

He said, “The most important step in entering a new culture is to build trust. Only when people trust us will they listen to what we have to say.”

Working in an international context, we all understand the value of growing our relational capital that leads to trust. Without it, we’ll never fully accomplish all God has called us to do together.

So what are some of the ingredients of trust?

First of all, trust takes time!

It takes time to build credibility as we invest our lives into the lives of those we are called to serve.

There’s just no substitute for relational investments. We can and should delegate many ministry responsibilities but trust must be earned by every great leader.

Secondly, it requires emotional risk.

Trust grows by working through challenges and finding solutions. It may not be easy but it’s necessary to live with an open heart and vulnerability towards those we serve and those we work with.

Thirdly, trust has to be nurtured.

We all know that trust can be broken in a moment and take years to repair so it’s imperative to nurture our relationships and trust.

We are praying for you and your team this weekend! May God strengthen your trust and unity as we serve together!


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