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Dream Big But Do Small Things Well

One of our core values at VCC is “we dream big but do small things well.”

Over the years I’ve seen too much of a poverty mentality in the church or a lack of faith to believe God for great things.

The truth is we know God is a big God so let’s pray big prayers! Let’s dream big and let faith arise in our hearts to do great things for the Kingdom!

While we all dream big, it’s important to do small things well! In fact, God blesses our faithfulness in the small things. Many times, He uses the small things cumulatively to accomplish the big things.

We had a big event in our city two weeks ago – Awakening Austria. It really was a historical event for our city that brought eternal results.

We had a pre-event prayer night at our smaller campus and the Awakening Worship team came that night to lead in worship. These guys were about to play on a big platform in front of thousands of people with the best equipment, etc… but this night would be a test of the motive of our heart.

So, I said to worship leader, “Hey man, thanks for coming to Vienna and for coming to lead worship tonight. I know we’ll be in the big arena tomorrow but tonight we have to work with what we have – a smaller auditorium and average equipment.”

He responded, “We didn’t come for the big platform. We came to help you lift up Jesus in Vienna so big or small, equipment or no equipment, we’re here to worship!”

It was so encouraging to see them give their best with the little resources they had. As you can imagine, God also anointed them in the big venue as well.

Let’s live humble. Be faithful. Do the small things well…. but don’t forget to dream BIG!

We’re praying for you and your team this weekend!


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