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Happy New Year

Merry Christmas everyone!! We love to celebrate our FEIC family and all that God has allowed us to do together across the continent of Europe this year!

Since our official beginning as a network in 2004 until today, we have been intentional to stay relationally connected while resourcing one another to fulfill our unique calling as international churches.

As we enter our 14th year, we continue to share one of the greatest gifts the world needs today – relationships!

Events come and go… Some strategies are effective and others fall short… But the lives we impact matter for eternity!

There is a story of a young guy who fell into a deep manhole in the middle of a busy, city street. He was hurting and stuck.

While there were many people above passing by, they either didn’t see him or they were just too busy to help. Many assumed there just wasn’t anything they could do to make a difference.

The young guy waited and eventually grew hopeless.

Finally, someone jumped into the hole with him and wanted to help.

The young guy sighed, “Thanks for joining me down here, but now we’re both stuck in this hole.”

“Yeah,” said the intruder. “But I was here last week and I found a way out.”

This New Year, let’s resolve to jump into life with people and help them find a way forward.

Please continue to pray for the Gray family and ICF Padua. We’re also praying you and your team have an incredible New Years weekend gathering!


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