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What is Normal?

This week I was looking at Pastor Scott Wilson’s book Act Normal and reflecting on what a normal church in Europe should look like? What should a normal Christian look like?

Normality really is defined by it’s context. What’s normal in Asia may not be normal in Africa. What’s normal in Middle Eastern culture may not be normal in Western Culture.

So, we don’t define normality for a Christian or Church by our culture rather as Christ followers.

What was normal for Jesus? What kind of works did Jesus do?”

In John 14:12 Jesus says, “If you believe in me, you will do the same works I am doing, and you will do even greater works than these.”

So if we understand what Jesus did, the big question is – “What kind of works are we doing?”

Let’s be normal Christians! Let’s be normal churches!

Normal according to the Book of Acts. Normal according to John 14:12.

We’re praying for you and your team this weekend!


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