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We never cease to be amazed at the unique opportunities of ministry that God gives us as international churches! It not only demonstrates God's great love for people but that we are living in a liminal space in history where…

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Team Ministry

I was reading Matthew 4 this week and was overwhelmed again at the response of Jesus to people's needs. He "healed them all" and large crowds followed him throughout the regions. Then chapter 5 begins and says, "When he saw…

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I would like to follow up on the article from last weeks Flashnote on "kindness" by sharing a final thought on how to lead with a firm center and soft edges from author and President of Biola University Barry Corey…

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Firm Center with Soft Edges

It always amazes me the different kind of leadership hats we need to wear in IC ministry. Leadership is challenging in every part of the world but specifically in our diverse context of Europe. In his book Love Kindness, author…

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Ministry to Internationals

I love working with internationals! Our stories are unique, resilient and inspiring! When you think about it, we all began our journey from a different place but God allows us to spend seasons of our life in Europe to be…

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Don’t Stop Believing!

It doesn't matter if we're talking about tragic world events, refugees entering into the continent or the secular European trying to make sense of life, everyone needs hope that tomorrow will be better than today. It's a fundamental need for…

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Margins…. again!

You may have noticed but I have spoken on the theme of "margins" several times over the last year. Part of the reason is because of it's great importance and part of the reason is because I need to do…

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