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Althea International Church, Munich

Launched: July 2, 2017 Pastors: Bernd and Ryoko Armbruster In this FEIC Member Spotlight, Jeff Slaughter checks in with Pastor Bernd Armbruster one year after the launch of Althea International Church in Munich, Germany. We discuss his growth, successes and…

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Live Like You Mean It

We're already 3 weeks into January! Most of us have been engaged in some form of prayer and fasting. Maybe you've started some new goals and are trying to settle into a sustainable rhythm. How are you doing? Really, how…

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The Bridge, Paris, France

FEIC Member Church Spotlight The Bridge, Paris, France Pastor Todd Tyson Share a brief overview of the history of The Bridge and where it is today. The Bridge began with a team of people arriving in Paris the summer of…

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International Church of Leiden

FEIC Member Church Spotlight International Church of Leiden Pastor Andy Vince Share a brief overview of the history of your church and where it is today. ICL was begun in the home of Tim and Marketa Southerland in 2004. The initial…

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Centraal Church, Antwerp, Belgium

FEIC Church Member Spotlight Centraal Church, Antwerp, Belgium Robert Suarez, Team Leader Share a brief overview of the history of your church and where it is today. We began with no help and no church presence. There are no A/G missionaries…

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Getting Unstuck

I was walking home from first grade one day when I decided to take a short cut through an open field. It had been raining for several days, and, much to my displeasure, I got stuck in the mud. No…

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